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Our goal is for you to be successful with the platform and create value for your business. That's why zerocodeai offers free tutorials, a large pool of documentation and use cases to all users. Below you will find some useful assets to help you get started with your deep learning projects.

Use Cases

Best practises


Import your own files or use existing ones from your Data Library

Get started right away by using data from our Data Library or easily upload your own data files onto the platform.

Start with our free datasets

Find inspiration on how to solve your problems while prototyping on data similar to your own.

Use your own data

Drag and drop prepared data in supported formats (zip, csv, spy)

Text similarity cheat sheet

We created a cheat sheet for some common problem types and some specific use cases. These cheat sheet will guide you through the main steps you take when solving your problem.

This is how it works is an operational AI platform for building and deploying AI models that is capable of executing a broad range of deep learning- based use cases. The platform carries prebuild networks ready for the users to work on, and provides an incredible ease of use for iterating, evaluating and refining models. When finalised, you just integrate your model into your off platform project and you are ready to go. 

Step by step, getting started
with the platform

We're excited you want to learn the 
Platform. This guide will introduce you to the main workflow and some of the major features of the platform. Lets get started. 

You need some help to discuss your business case?

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Sales Team now


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