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Real-World Results: See How Businesses are Transforming with zerocodeai

zerocodeai has helped businesses of all sizes and industries achieve success by making it easy to implement AI technology. See for yourself with our real-world case studies and discover how businesses like yours are utilizing our platform to drive growth and efficiency.


Real results, real businesses:
See the massive impact of zerocodeai


Realtime AI-based Fraud detection

Fraudulent attempts have become a significant challenge for this customer. Traditional manual methods of detecting fraud have become too time-consuming and resource-intensive.
Our AI-based Fraud Detection was the perfect solution for his problems. The machine learning algorithms analyze data and make real-time predictions to prevent and detect fraudulent activity, reducing the burden on human resources and improving fraud detection.


increased efficiency


faster detection


less false positives

High churn rates have been a significant problem for this customer as he lose valuable customers who evaluate their offerings through Google Ads or related content. The website operator can only design the best possible offer, but has no further control over customer behavior. Our solution is to use data from previous customer behavior to analyze and predict current customer behavior, and display personalized incentives such as pop-up discount codes to keep them engaged on the platform. This approach helps to increase customer retention and reduce churn rate.


lower churn rate


more sales


higher customer satisfaction


AI-based Prediction: Will the customer buy or not?


AI-based Quality Control in Food Industry 

Quality control is a critical issue in the food industry as it ensures the safety and compliance of food products. Traditional manual methods are time-consuming and prone to human error. With our Computer Vision solution, we automated the process of inspecting food products for quality and compliance, by analyzing images and identifying potential issues such as contamination or defects. This approach improved product quality, reduced the risk of contamination and increased efficiency. By implementing the solution, our customer can ensure that their products meet the highest standards of quality and safety for his customers.


higher automated inspection


improved product quality


increased efficiency

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More use cases that helped our customers improving their business.

Object recognition in retail & logistics for inventory management

Increasing efficiency by automating stock counting & tracking, reducing inventory shrinkage & improving customer service by ensuring products are always in stock.

Automatic inspection in the food industry

Automating quality control in food production, reducing the risk of contamination and improving product quality.

Quality control in the Pharmaceutical industry

Ensuring compliance with regulations and standards by automating inspection of pharmaceutical products, reducing the risk of contamination and improving product quality.

Image search and retrieval in media and entertainment

Enabling faster and more accurate search and retrieval of images and reducing costs by automating image tagging and organization.

Quality Control in the Automotive Industry

Improving quality and reducing costs by automating inspections and detecting defects early, reducing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Up Selling opportunities

AI Up-selling prediction helps businesses increase revenue by providing personalized product recommendations to customers based on their data and purchase history. It improves customer satisfaction and inventory management. A powerful tool for boosting sales and customer retention.

Sales forecasting

Predicting future sales based on historical data, allowing businesses to better plan inventory and resources

Stock market analysis

Identifying trends and patterns in stock market data to predict future performance

Energy consumption prediction

Predicting energy consumption in buildings or industrial plants, allowing for more efficient energy management

Customer lifetime value prediction

Predictive modeling of customer data to identify high-value customers and predict their future spending

Pricing optimization

Using data on customer behavior and market trends to optimize pricing strategies and maximize revenue.

Churn prediction

Using customer data to predict which customers are likely to cancel a subscription or service, allowing businesses to take proactive measures to retain them

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