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Integrations and APIs.

From preparing the data through value tracking, equips you with enterprise-grade stability and scalability. Whereas previously it was necessary to cooperate with large data science teams, it is now possible to create complete AI products independently and incorporate them into the application or app. 

Integrate enterprise-ready AI into the applications and systems you are building, using our REST APIs. Your deployments can be optimized for batch or real-time processes.

Deploy and maintain AI products. Monitor through alerts for data drift, model degradation, and prediction server performance. Deploy machine learning services anywhere and track system health, monitor model performance, and manage model lifecycle from a single pane of glass.

Don't waste time on laborious labeling of your dataset. With's one-click labeling, you can get your dataset ready for production in no time. offers developers the full range of AI technologies. This means that developers don't have to use different tools for different tasks, but can manage everything within this platform.


AI can enable humans to focus on parts of their role that add the most value

  • Using AI-powered models and automation to quickly research, extract, and analyze structured and unstructured data to build out clean data pipelines and databases and generate actionable insights.

  • Select from our pre-built AI use cases for several industries to activate, evaluate, and deploy immediately, saving months of work from building use cases from scratch.

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