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How helps solve Product Managers´ problems


What are product manager 
& what are their 

Product managers plan and assist in the development, marketing, and distribution of a product. Their responsibilities include researching competitors and their products and using data-driven insights, recommendations, and reports to create a product development and marketing strategy.


Don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them

With unstructured content making up the majority of data on the Internet today and growing at an alarming rate, many hours are spent on manual data research and extraction processes. Due to the volume and velocity of today's data, not all data can be captured in a timely manner, often resulting in inaccurate insights.´s no-code AI platform enables product managers to reduce hours of manual labor in researching, analyzing, and extracting data and assist in product development and management. 

  • Using AI-powered models and automation to enhance existing product offerings with machine-learning capabilities and offer new features to customers.

  • Applying new functions to their existing portfolio and empower entry-level team members to use to meet and exceed internal product development timelines without coding.

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