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Improve Production while Decreasing Errors

Improve Product Quality & 
worker safety

From predictive maintenance and package inspection, to reducing defects and improving worker safety, AI is supercharging the manufacturing industry.
On this page you will find some use cases that are possible with Depending on your challenge, helps you to to make your 
processes faster, cheaper more reliable or realise them at all. 
However, some of your problems require individual solutions, as individual data models have to be developed. For this, please contact our sales team. We will be happy to discuss your use case and find an individual solution.
enables intelligent solutions for manufacturing, within:

Quality assurance




Supply Chain

Automate the task of detecting defects, finding misplaced components & more.

Improve your 
maintenance procedure and limiting the downtime of your assets.

Improve the user experience from order requests to after sales service. 

Estimate the price of raw material or of new additions to your product range.

Manage your supply chain and improve forecasting and warehouse turnover.

How to tap into the true intelligence
of all your machines

Manufacturing is primed for AI from a variety of perspectives. In core manufacturing operations such as the production line, AI can automate tasks, optimize capacity, reduce the number of defects and ensure machines are working.
With predictive maintenance, AI can help companies avoid machinery failure and the massive costs associated with that. Real-time monitoring leads to cost savings over scheduled maintenance and occasional sample checking.

AI applied to materials optimization can reduce waste and further improve quality. Inventory forecasting is another area of AI that will allow manufacturing companies to lock up less capital in materials and stock at a time.
But by far the biggest benefit in manufacturing will be found in quality improvements. AI can pinpoint anomalies in production and use robotics and automation to make all kinds of processes quicker and better. is set up to support deep learning methods, operationalize AI and enable non-experts to both understand and apply the deep learning process.

Visual defect detection has traditionally been a costly and time-consuming operation. Now, by leveraging the immense power of AI and ML, AI allows everyday users to create simple, world-class defect detection solutions for visual inspection

Track and Trace

Use AI models to track your goods and read and sort labels thanks to computer vision. What previously had to be laboriously performed by workers can now be automatically detected by artificial intelligence in seconds.


Make sure your workers follow all compliance rules. Be it wearing helmets on construction sites, disinfecting hands properly or wearing masks. You define the rules, the AI controls them.


Automate and simplify the process of reading gauges. Instead of assigning personnel to these simple tasks, the AI now takes over. Automation not only saves time and money, it also minimizes potential errors.

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