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Tabular data

Use numbers and categories to make predictions about continuous outcomes with tabular data regression. Below are selected a few use cases to illustrate how you can benefit from tabular data regression in your projects.

> 90%

Faster than human processing

Almost infinitely scalable


Real Time Analysis


Lines of code to create

The use of AI for dynamic pricing offers the opportunity to turn a complex business environment into an advantage while maintaining reasonable margins for all products. This is especially true for products with complex pricing models and a high degree of customization, such as insurance.

AI for customized 
dynamic prizing

Using AI for 
sales forecasting

Executives today consider some form of forecasting in virtually every decision they make. Using Deep Learning to predict sales provides deeper insights and higher accuracy with more complicated input data.

Using Deep Learning in valuation processes, insurance companies can efficiently and instantly analyze images and provided details and combine them with historical data from past valuations.

Using AI for
item valuation in the insurance

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