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What are data engineers 
& what are their 

Data engineers research, analyze, clean, and normalize large volumes of structured and unstructured data using computer science, statistics, and mathematics. Their responsibilities include building and maintaining an organization's data infrastructure, pipeline, and database. They transform raw, unstructured data and process it into formats that data scientists can use for their analyses.


Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway

Geoffrey Moore

With unstructured content making up most of the data on the Internet today and growing at an alarming rate, long hours are spent on manual data research and extraction processes and building out databases. Due to the volume and velocity of data today, not all data can be captured in a timely fashion, often resulting in inaccurate insights.

The AI platform enables data engineers to reduce hours of manual labor in researching, analyzing, cleaning, and normalizing data and building out an organization’s database. 


Additionally, ready-made use cases can help data engineers generate insights quickly by automating these manual processes without having to code. accelerates data engineers’ workflows with AI-powered models and a no-code data science platform.

  • Using AI-powered models and automation to quickly research, extract, and analyze structured and unstructured data to build out clean data pipelines and databases and generate actionable insights.

  • Select from our pre-built AI use cases for several industries to activate, evaluate, and deploy immediately, saving months of work from building use cases from scratch.

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