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Tabular data

Tabular data classification allows you to find patterns in any number of variables and classify examples into different categories. Below, we select a few use cases to illustrate how you can benefit from tabular data classification in your projects.

> 90%

Faster than human processing

Almost infinitely scalable


Real Time Analysis


Lines of code to create

Fraud detection can be challenging in a dynamic global business environment with an overwhelming amount of traffic and data to monitor. Fraud detection is an ideal use case for machine learning, which has been proven in the past in many industries such as banking and insurance.

Using AI to
detect fraud

AI in marketing & sales:
Propensity to buy

The " Propensity To Buy " is a value that indicates how likely it is that a customer will buy a particular product. Successful willingness-to-buy models provide crucial information for the design and distribution of marketing materials as well as for the time allocation of sales personnel. In this way, companies can make their marketing much more efficient, resulting in higher sales without higher costs.

It is a sales technique designed to persuade customers to upgrade to a higher tier or better product. Using modern AI techniques can help sales departments make the best use of their resources to get as much out of their efforts as possible. 

upsell opportunities 
with AI

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