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Improve your (existing) 
Chatbots with AI

Offer your customers 
a new service experience

You already have a chatbot in place but looking to leverage its capabilities with more advanced features? By adding AI to your chatbot you can connect your customer communication with your product database, your feedback & complaint process and much more.

With the following AI techniques you can improve your chatbot:


By using sentiment analysis and persona classification your chatbot can understand user intent and emotion automatically, thus enabling you to raus alerts and react quickly when necessary.

Similarity search
for chatbots

By connecting similarity search to your chatbot, you can improve your customer support automatically searching through historical data to find similar questions and answers in 100 different languages, meaning less response time and more accurate replies.

Automatic routing

By empowering your chatbot with automatic routing capabilities, you can make sure that the customer gets the right support from the best suited person.

vs. AI powered Chatbot

I have a problem with a strange smell on the clothes I bought from you

I´m sorry - I didn't quite understand that, you do: 

1. Want to do a official complaint

2. Talk to a salesperson

3. Other (Please specify and we'll get in touch with you shortly)



I have a problem with a strange smell on the clothes I bought from you

I understand - Was the smell there when you first bought the product or did it come after some time?

The clothes have already smelled strongly upon arrival




This is
how it works is an operational AI platform for building and deploying AI models that is capable of executing a broad range of deep learning-based use cases. The platform carries prebuilt and pretrained networks ready for the users to work on, and provides an incredible ease of use for iterating, evaluating and refining models. When finalised, you just integrate your finished model into your off platform project and you are ready to go.

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