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Increase Crop Yields and Protect Your Profits


Unlock potential, 
from weed protection to storage

There is huge potential in the agriculture industry that can be realized and optimized through the use of AI technology. Whether in the preparation of soil, sowing of seeds, adding fertilizers, irrigation, weed protection, harvesting or storage.

Below you will find a selection of use cases you can do with But always keep in mind that the shown use cases are only for inspiration. The range of possibilities you can do is almost unlimited. 


We monitor our plants using AI to detect early when they are affected by pests or diseases. This protects us from unnecessary losses 

Soil and Crop Monitoring System

The type of soil and the nutrient content of the soil play an important role in the type of crops grown and the quality of the harvests. Due to increasing deforestation, soil quality is deteriorating and it is difficult to determine the quality of the soil.


Thanks to CV models, nutrient deficiencies in the soil as well as plant pests and diseases can be detected, giving farmers an idea of how to use fertilizers to help improve crop quality. Furthermore, soil analyses can be done. The results help farmers monitor soil and crop health and produce healthy crops with higher productivity.

Precision Farming &
Predictive Analytics

In the future, AI will help farmers become agricultural technologists who use data to optimize yields down to individual crop rows.

With IoT- and AI-driven solutions, farmers can meet the world's food demand while sustainably increasing production and revenue without depleting valuable natural resources.


Other Use Cases: 

  • Water Management

  • Crop cultivation

  • timely harvesting

AI Agricultural Robotics

In conjunction with robots, AI technologies are used to control weeds or harvest plants in faster than humans. It checks the quality of the plants and detects weeds while picking and packing them at the same time. 

Plant Disease

Detect diseases on your plants, crops or fields immediately thanks to this computer vision model and take action to prevent further spread. 

Field Management

Fast and frictionless, digital identity proofing mitigates risks while delivering an exceptional onboarding experience that starts client relationships on the right foot.

Produce a trained model
in hours, not weeks enables anyone to create and use an AI model in hours without having to write a single line of code.

Get a Head Start with
Artificial Intelligence

With you always have all the options at your disposal. You don't have your own datasets or you want us to realize your project? No problem, we offer you complete solutions, where you get a fully functional AI at the end. 

Continuously Improve & Scale
Your Model After Implementation

As a centralized management tool for your datasets, allows you to deploy your model and scale it as you collect more data. Easily detect and categorize types of defects, adjust configurations, and experiment with our labeling and training services.

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