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Create AI/ML products fast
without writing code

Developer use the zerocodeai AI-factory to give their software the sense of seeing, hearing and thinking.

One platform,
infinite possibilities

For Developer

With zerocodeai you are able to cover all AI applications with No-Code and bring your vision with most easiest APIs to life. Try it today and experience the power of No-Code AI!

Powerful infrastructure

Whether as single user or enterprise. 
Get an enterprise-grade foundation, engineered for your limitless scalability and peace of mind.

Support with your AI challenges

Enterprise customers have the opportunity to be supported by our experts with their challenges around ML/AI. Make an appointment now.

See what's possible 

Get access to cutting edge AI models in minutes, without writing code.

How we can support you to create AI products  like a pro

You want to give your software the ability to make intelligent decisions or predictions? Understand images and videos or interpret natural language?

We deliver the intelligence and features behind large enterprises or startup systems, fascinating subscription models, software platforms and marketplaces- and everything in between.

Benefits of No-Code AI

Intuitive use

  • Reduce coding effort by 100%

  • No previous AI  knowledge necessary

  • Created by 5 clicks 

Rapid Prototyping

  • Rapid deployment of workflows

  • Extensive ecosystem of AI models

  • Development of own AI applications

  • Reduce development cycles to hours

Guaranteed success

  • Success rate increased by 74%

  • Easy to integrate 

  • No download or installation necessary

The perfect time to start is now

zerocodeai. The ultimate solution for businesses looking to easily train and deploy machine learning models without the need for specialized data scientists and engineers.

Get your software ready for the future


Image and Video Data

Computer Vision

Unlock the power of computer vision with zerocodeai. Easily create and train models for image and video analysis without coding experience. Imagine being able to automatically identify objects in images, recognize faces in videos, or even track movements in real-time. These are just a few examples of what the platform can do for you. Try zerocodeai today and experience the future of computer vision in areas such as security, retail, self-driving cars, and many more.


Tabular Data


Achieve accurate predictions and forecasting with zerocodeai for regression modeling. Easily create and train models without coding experience. Imagine being able to predict sales, forecast demand, and make data-driven decisions with just a few clicks. These are just a few examples of what our platform can do for you. Try it today and see the potential of regression modeling in finance, logistics, and many more industries.


Text Data

Natural Language Processing

Experience the potential of natural language processing without coding. zerocodeai allows you to easily create and train models for text analysis with just a few clicks. Imagine being able to automatically analyze sentiment in customer reviews, extract keywords from news articles, or even generate text to answer customer queries. These are just a few examples of what the platform can do for you. Try it today and see the benefits of NLP in areas such as customer service, content creation, and many more.

Screenshot 2022-11-08 at 17.30.03.png

Tabular Data


Detect the potential of accurate categorization with zerocodeau for classification modeling. Easily create and train models for data categorization without coding experience. Imagine being able to classify objects in images, predict outcomes in medical data, or make data-driven decisions with just a few clicks. These are just a few examples of what the platform can do for you. Try it today and see the benefits of classification modeling in areas such as manufacturing, healthcare, and many more.

Create better content with stable diffusion

Start with stable diffusion today and streamline your content creation process while gaining a competitive edge with data-driven, high-quality, and personalized content.


Success Stories

Learn more about our success stories

Do it like our customer Havanola, who thanks to our AI save 90% of their personnel costs by not having the search (Immoscout,...) for real estate done by personnel anymore, but by showing the suitable results in real time by AI.






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How to create AI applications in 5 easy Steps

Follow these 5 easy steps to create a industry level State-Of-The-Art AI Application with zerocodeai today

1. Upload your Dataset or select one from ours Upload and use own data or take available pre-trained datasets  with no additional costs.

2. Choose one of the State-Of-The-Art-Algorithm and train with one click zerocodeai recommends the AI Algorithm with which the best results can be expected.

3. Evaluate the result In this step you evaluate the result and retrain it if you are not satisfied. 

4. Deploy and Test After training the created and trained model, you can easily deploy the product or test the application within the platform.

5. Integrate and Monitor Export & integrate the AI product into your application or code.

Get inspired by use cases and use real AI in our Spaces area

Create a Fraud Detection model in Minutes

Use the platform in the best possible way

Learn how to create a image dataset

Let AI decide about loans 



Is it easy to build an AI product?

Building an AI product can be a very complex task, involving expertise in areas such as machine learning, data science, and software engineering. However, with a no-code AI platform like ours, the process of creating, training, and deploying AI models becomes much more accessible and user-friendly. By eliminating the need for coding, our platform makes it easy for anyone to leverage the power of AI and build innovative products.


Can I create an AI model without knowing how to code?

Yes, you can create an AI model without knowing how to code, by using zerocodeai. Our platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily create, train, and deploy AI models without any coding experience necessary. The platform also offers pre-built templates, drag-and-drop functionality, and an intuitive interface that makes it simple to build and customize AI models. This way, you can focus on developing your AI application, while the platform takes care of the technical details, making AI accessible for everyone.


Should I hire an AI expert to use zerocodeai?

You do not need to hire an AI expert to use the platform. Our platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, making it easy for anyone to create and deploy AI models, regardless of their technical background.
However, you may need domain expertise for example, in order to select the best AI solution for your specific use case, or to interpret the results of your AI model. In that case, hiring an AI expert with domain knowledge could be beneficial.


I am a Software Developer but have no AI experience. Is zerocodeai the right tool for me?

As a software developer, zerocodeai is the excellent tool for you, even if you don't have any AI experience. The platform offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to easily create, train and deploy AI models without any coding experience required. You can also use your software development skills to customize and integrate the AI models with your existing systems and applications.
So, if you are looking to add AI capabilities to your software development skillset, our platform is the right tool for you.


Why is AI writing this success story and is it relevant for me, too?

AI is revolutionizing the way we do business and it's no surprise that it's becoming a key driver of success for many companies. But you may be wondering, how can AI benefit your business? 


Here are just a few ways the platform can help take your business to the next level:

  • Automation  Streamline your processes and free up time for more important tasks

  • Predictive Analytics  Make data-driven decisions and anticipate future trends

  • Personalization  Offer a tailored experience for your customers

  • Optimization  Improve efficiency and increase ROI

Don't let coding expertise hold you back from reaping the benefits of AI. Try zerocodeai today and see the potential for yourself.

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